I stay woke, you stay woke

Our newsfeeds, timelines, and dashboards are great for finding out what’s happening in the world. Unfortunately, as the world does, information moves fast. It is easy to get overwhelmed and not bother to keep up. I find myself trying to sooth my conscious by bookmarking links from tweets and posts I know I will forget to read. Instead of expanding my knowledge of an issue, I clutter my bookmark folders.

When I do finally read something, I want to share it with my networks. This is important because we tend to get lost in our own bubbles and forget that not everyone is paying attention. Sometimes we need to bombard their newsfeeds with the same article that everyone is sharing, sometimes they actually click on it. Boom! You’re a conscious person.

I don’t think it works that way but keeping up with the news is one way to start. This does not mean trust everything you read (don’t get me started on media literacy). I mean, #staywoke. And doing that is exhausting.

So, in attempt to stop cluttering my bookmark folders and my friends’ newsfeeds, I am committing to making at least two weekly posts with articles, videos, and photos that I think should everyone take a look at. I might add commentary if it is something I have strong feelings about. I will also post online campaigns because redistributing resources is important.

My personal interests range from prison industrial complex to immigration law to anti-blackness to non-monogamy to educational policy to popular television shows. You’ll find articles that have to do with those topics and issues as well as articles that have nothing to do with them but seem interesting. Recommending an article does not mean I endorse the opinion of the writer or publication. If you know me personally, you know my politics. If you don’t know me personally, it won’t be hard to figure out. However, I do like to share objectively. I personally enjoy reading what the “other side” has to say on a topic or issue, so I might post links to more conservative outlets. Disclaimers will be given if I do. Proper content and trigger warnings will be posted as well.

Also, I want to note it is easy to rely on your networks to tell you what’s important, so I encourage everyone to NOT do that. If an article is interesting, check out other articles from the same writer and/or on the same publication. Find other articles on the same topic and be critical of the differences in reporting and/or opinions. Ask questions, lots of them. Make sure you understand what is happening. Remember that you don’t have all the facts. Remember that not all facts are neutrally presented. Read as much as your schedule and emotional energy allows. Stay woke.

And remember: this is still a personal blog and I am real human being with a lot of commitments. Without warning, I will not post every single week. I will not search for articles to fit people’s needs. What is presented is what you get. Don’t rely on me to keep you woke. I do not mind helping people find sources. Not everyone is good at finding reliable sources so if you need help, I am here to assist.

The first post of kfromdabay shares is coming up!