I haven’t been reading as much as I would like, and I keep going back to pieces and authors that are familiar to me. I plan to branch out more, but for now, here are a couple reading recommendations:

When I opted for the plane ticket and the rental car over drinks and a condolence card for my best friend, the part that pleased me was not the choice I made, but the fact that I could afford to make a choice at all.

Harris is worried that the broader public will ignore a poor black community’s calls for assistance until it is too late, allow a preventable disaster to materialize, and then mourn the damage after the fact. And CSU’s predominantly-but-not-historically-black status puts its students in a double bind: they don’t get the attention afforded to black students protesting at elite predominantly-white institutions, nor do they get the rallying cry of history, heritage, and brotherhood/sisterhood they might garner at an HBCU. “People who are from poor areas really are ignored or marginalized by the larger public,” Harris says. “We have to tell our story, let people know what we’re doing.”

(More about Chicago State in the news)

I am still reading A House of My Own: Stories from My Life by Sandra Cisneros. I am taking my time because I am not ready to finish. Many of the essays are too short for my liking but they still manage to leave me with more than enough.

 I feel fortunate at least to open books and be invited to step in. If that book shelters me and keeps me warm, I know I’ve come home.