I started a newsletter that I try to send every other week, sometimes once a week or once a month because consistency means nothing to me. My last letter was about Tinder and dating and feeling overwhelmed.  Here’s an excerpt that might convince you to not subscribe, but maybe you will also dig it:

For the last week I’ve used this ice cream metaphor that is overdone, most of you are hearing it for the first time so I’m going to go with it: Ice cream is great! If you’re lactose intolerant, it’s not so great for you but you eat it anyway. Ice cream is delicious, you might feel obligated to eat all of it because you can see it melt right before your eyes. When it’s really fucking delicious ice cream you might feel immense pressure to eat as much as possible, and even after you’re full, you might still shove the last couple bites into your mouth because you already got that far and can’t give up now.
I have a habit of believing I can’t give up. And ending up with a terrible stomachache. I’ve learned two things: I don’t want that much ice cream and often I don’t even like that flavor very much.

You can find my poetry in Drala Mag, which is edited and curated by a fellow queer black woman artist and Columbia alum. My poems talk about sex but they are not about sex. I don’t advise reading if makes you uncomfortable to read sexual details.

Among the many things I do, I am also a contributing writer to the Richmond Pulse, a youth-led community news organization based in my hometown. In the last couple months I wrote commentary on Beyoncé and ‘Formation’ pissing off cops, how it’s stressful not having a savings account, and millennials kicking butt in social movements . I’ve been writing with the Pulse for almost a year (whoa!) so there are more blog posts and articles you can go back and read.

I am working on a couple of personal essays I can’t wait to submit to places. Hopefully they’re accepted and published. I will share links when that happens.

Regular posts returning soon!