A reminder:

Give yourself permission to feel. Your feelings are valid. No one is responsible for your emotional responses, however, their reactions can minimize pain and provide validation. You deserve to be heard and take up space. You deserve validation and encouragement from others — seeking that is not a sign of weakness. And weakness is not a terrible thing. Weakness is a reminder of your humanity. You feel deeply and carry that with you, it’s important to shake it off when you can. Dance. Do a little shimmy. You carry so much, you’ve forgotten yourself. Your strength is not the only way to recognize resilience; it’s moving beyond the pain. But first, let it sink in. Feel where it’s coming from. Confront the source, meet it face-to-face. You are a human, you can’t do it all. You can’t suffer in silence. You deserve space to scream. You deserve space to settle into yourself and your thoughts. You have permission to feel.