Content warning: many of the recommendations reference sexual violence and gun violence, specifically the Orlando and Charleston Massacres, and the Stanford case.

My apologies for not sharing reading material since February – ack! As usual I read a lot but haven’t gotten around to sharing. I have read more books than articles and essays to limit my online usage, which has only been moderately successful.

The internet, well, the entire world, has been overwhelming in the last few weeks. I unfollowed at least a hundred Twitter accounts and deleted my Tumblr, and my time on Facebook has significantly decreased though it is not close enough to entirely eliminating it from my life. These days I read a book instead of obsessively checking my feeds. I write more these days as well, especially when I’m at work and can’t whip out a book during downtime.

But here are a couple recommendations and things I’ve read recently, including books:

Surveillance feeds into rape culture more than drinking ever could. It’s the part of male entitlement that makes men believe they’re owed something if they pay enough attention to you, monitor how you’re behaving to see if you seem loose and friendly enough to accommodate a conversation with a man you’ve never met. He’s not a rapist. No, he’s just offering to buy you a beer, and a shot, and a beer, and another beer — he just wants you to have a really good time. He wants you to lose the language of being able to consent. He’s drunk too, but of course, you’re not watching him like he’s watching you.

At what point will we say enough to the bigotry that leads to these slaughters? When will the US admit that the racist, homophobic and transphobic fires so continuously and tenderly stoked by our media and lawmaking bodies cause this type of violence to proliferate? When will the dominant conversations and filibusters about gun control acknowledge the heavy hand that bigotry plays in many of these shootings, and that an assault weapons ban alone will not prevent future massacres? When will we stop allowing the media to shift the blame for these shootings onto our Muslim siblings, another marginalized group that also regularly sees its community besieged by bigoted violence? When will the media admit that the white supremacist mindset carried by the man who shot nine people dead in Charleston is something that the media itself nurtures with its dog-whistle rhetoric, and not an example of a tiny and violent fringe?

Currently reading:

Braided Lives

This is a book I wish I read when I was finishing high school or during my freshman year of college. It’s massive, so it’s going to take me awhile to finish. Looking forward to reading through it.

Recently read:

Shrill: Notes from a Loud Woman
Queering Sexual Violence: Radical Voices Within the Anti-Violence Movement
So Sad Today
The Border of Paradise
The Telling: A Memoir

You can find other books I’ve recently read through my Goodreads account.