A life update

It is a less than a week until my 25th birthday. I tend to get all Mariah Carey about my birthday by making big plans and encouraging people to tell me how much they adore my existence. It’s a fun time. This year, however, I was overly ambitious and planned a 3-day extravaganza (not really but it feels like one) in the midst of preparation for a 4-day trip to Washington, DC. The prep for the trip has included reading 500 pages of oral history transcripts and additional research materials. Trying to figure out IRB protocols along with filling out paperwork has made me realized I am truly my mother’s child because I was ready to give up as soon as I saw the 12-page application—disdain for paperwork is in our blood. 

Turning 25 means more paperwork. More preparation for the future. Which is kind of frightening but also a relief since it means I am not entirely directionless. It doesn’t mean I won’t be crashing on my friends’ couches in the future, just that I am trying to actualize my dreams.

As a start, I applied to graduate school and was accepted to the two programs I decided on. (I had a list of 10 programs, realized it meant filling out 10 applications and said NAH.) I decided on both. How? I applied to a dual-degree program for a MSW/MA in Women’s Studies and Gender Studies (MA in WSGS). I decided to pursue the yearlong MA in WSGS in Chicago then move to Ann Arbor for University of Michigan’s social work program during summer 2018.

I never thought I’d pursue a degree in WSGS but it feels fitting right about now. Since I am determined to complete the degree before moving, there is already an outline of my coursework and thesis research. Another thesis. This one might not make me cry. Okay, it probably will but at least I know what I’m getting into it. I don’t start classes until August but the research has already started. I can research, write and defend by August 2018, right? I can do this. I think. Wait, let me speak it into existence: I will research, write and defend my thesis by August 2018. Hold me to it. And pour lots of coffee in my mouth.

There’s the update. There is more but I prefer putting it in my Tinyletter (subscribe!). A kfromdabay shares post is coming up.